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Tasha Walker

Tasha Walker

School Board Member and HTLS Parent

2020 strikes again … this seems to be the phrase of the year and for good reason.
What started as a promising new year, filled with all the hopes and dreams a new
year brings for most, soon turned very dark. I can promise that I never would
have imagined a Global Pandemic in my lifetime – we are too advanced for
something of this sort, right? In all my years teaching literature, I find myself
becoming more and more interested in the time period of the literature. Because
I love the classics, I continually bring out how unclean societies were in the past.
We discuss disease and deaths, and the students are blown away by the filth of
times not so long ago. But, did we ever imagine something like Covid creeping
into the United States of America? No way.

Lock downs, masks and fear hit us all in a way no one ever imagined. We saw
how important relationships are, how important being able to go wherever we
want is, and how important it is to understand the meaning of grace. If I am being
honest, I do not think I ever heard the word grace as much as I have since joining
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. If you look up the definition of grace, it is defined
as “courteous goodwill,” but I think it is more than the definition reads. If there
ever was a word to define 2020 for me, it is the word grace.

Think back to your own childhood if you no longer have young children of your
own because I must say that it took grace to get through being a teacher of my
own high school students at Plant and being a kindergarten teacher to my own
daughter. I remember praying at night, “Jesus, please extend me some grace for
my poor behavior in trying to teach Tori today…I know you blessed me with the
ability to teach high schoolers, but Lord, teaching my own child is clearly not my
strength.” Any parent knows the last quarter of the school year was TOUGH! If
you were without children of your own to teach, just imagine how challenging it
would have been for your own parents to become your teachers when you were
school age.

Consider the relationships of those we lived with during the lock down
period…that time was all about grace. Although my family grew closer and stronger together, I know that time was a challenge for so many of us. I recognize
that relationships may have crumbled under the stress of being together
24/7…grace to one another may have been the answer, but hind sight is 20/20
(no pun intended) and I am sure many people were left broken hearted after
those long months living in quarantine. I am thankful for faithful Christians and a
solid leader at HTLC through these times because church got us through when it
felt too hard…there were those days for me, even though I did cherish the time
we had free of the obligations of normal daily life. Did your faith grow? If not, I
hope you know that HTLC welcomes you with open arms and a new, amazingly
wonderful Pastor.

Interestingly, our new Pastor spoke about grace on his first Sunday preaching at
HTLC. He said, “I hope you will extend your new pastor some grace as we get to
know each other…” and he referenced distance from the pulpit to the pews being
long when a new pastor arrives. The distance being that we have not yet built
relationship with him. You know what I think? I think that distance isn’t very far
at all…through 2020 and through all the lock downs and fears, God was preparing
Pastor Dan for us, for HTLC, and for HTLS. He is exactly what we need at this
moment in time and I believe we already feel in relationship with him. So, yes,
Pastor, we will extend you all the grace you need.

Now, will you extend others grace when they need it? As we near the end of
2020, I think this has been the year of grace – needing it from others and
extending it when others needed it. If we can take one lesson from this past year,
let it be that love does win. The love of Jesus Christ surpasses all, and in Christ we
are given the gift of grace daily.

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