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What makes a good leader?

Have you ever been “in charge” of anything? I know that as adults with families, most of us are “incharge” of taking care of our children, our spouses, and possibly even our extended families. Maybesome of us are even “in charge” at work, if you

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Engagement. It’s a word that has a variety of meanings, each a bit different from the others, but all somehow related. Synonyms for the word alone are as varied as charter, combat, enchant, immerse and launch. So what is engagement? Perhaps the most common definition

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The Difference with Differentiation

Recently, our Elementary Staff participated in our First Professional Development Day of the year. Part of our day was spent with Catapult Learning deepening our understanding of Differentiation in the Classroom. I’m sure somewhere along the way you’ve either heard, read or seen something about

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2020 strikes again … this seems to be the phrase of the year and for good reason. What started as a promising new year, filled with all the hopes and dreams a new year brings for most, soon turned very dark. I can promise that

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Using Our Bubble Gum Brains

“What does it mean to have a ‘growth mindset?’” This is a question that my third, fourth, and fifth grade math students and I have talked a lot about. However, I like to pose the question of what a growth mindset is in a different

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A Seat at the Table

I don’t think I’d be going too far out on a limb to say most everyone reading this has seen A Charlie Brown Christmas at some point in their life. In fact you’ve probably also seen It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. But, how many

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