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Feels like home

What makes a school feel like “home”? After all, home is where the heart is, right? So…the question is, can my heart really beat for a school? Yes. The answer is simple because the school is HTLS. However, it may be a surprise that I

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Why choose Holy Trinity Lutheran School?

I was unsure what to expect when I toured HTLS in the spring of 2018.  I remember Mrs. Douglas escorting me around the campus and I truly felt like this was a great place for my daughter, Tori, to complete VPK.  I could even utilize

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Growing our Faith…and Size!

HTLS began the mission of providing Christ-Centered Education in South Tampa in 1958.  Throughout the years there were many shifts in not only the community around us, but the make-up of the school.  Much like a chameleon, HTLS has changed to match its surroundings and

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Bloggin’ About Biztown!

Holy Trinity 4th & 5th grade students had the privilege to participate the school’s first JA Biztown simulation on March 29th.  The Biztown experience stretches beyond the traditional curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to begin to understand and experience important life skills.  The pre-training sessions

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