Homeschool Partnership Program

Program Details

  • Join the full-time students for afternoon enrichment programs such as religious instruction, physical education, music, art, and computer skills
  • Develop new friendships in a classroom setting
  • Become a part of a close knit, supportive school family

Students participating in a valid homeschool or Florida Virtual School program may enroll in the HTLS Homeschool Partnership Program (HPP) for Grades 1-5.  Students in the HPP are able to fully participate in the afternoon activities and classes scheduled during the time of the student’s attendance.

Program Admission & Availability

HPP families are admitted to the program annually based on classroom availability. Full-time HTLS students are given first priority for seats. If a full-time student comes during the school year, the HPP student will be offered the option to become a traditional full-time student or will have to give his/her seat to the full-time student. Registrations/Application fees are not refundable and will not be returned if the HPP student has to relinquish his/her seat in the program. Monthly tuition will be prorated in the event the student has to relinquish their seat.

Program Hours & Fees

Program Documents