“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

The Philosophy of Holy Trinity Lutheran School reflects the school’s commitment to its students of all ages.

All who have been brought to faith in Jesus Christ are commissioned by Him to preserve and extend the kingdom of God. Christian education is a vital component of the congregational ministry. With the leading help of the Holy Spirit, we strive to strengthen the faith of every child.

All children are accepted as creations of God with their own talents and abilities. We strive to give all children the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Academic excellence is provided with a low student/teacher ratio, within a safe, Christian environment. Students from diverse backgrounds will be academically, spiritually, and morally equipped to meet the challenges of the future. The teachings of God and His will are not taught as one subject, but are integrated into all subjects and activities. Our qualified, dedicated, and experienced faculty is committed to providing a Christian education, which is developmentally appropriate and academically challenging, focusing on enhancing the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of all Holy Trinity students at all levels.

We recognize that the family is the primary influence in the total education of a child. It is our belief that this influence can be most effective when the home, church, and school cooperate in the education of children to the glory of God. To accomplish this, we recognize that we need God’s guidance and Spirit.


CPH Enduring Faith

The Enduring Faith Religion Curriculum includes seventy lessons, divided across eight units, that cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Lutheran schools will be able to walk together in the faith, as every classroom learns the same overarching Bible accounts each week. All students share in learning one central truth per lesson, which will remain consistent year to year to reinforce learning. New Lutheran Religion Standards inform the entire curriculum. The standards guide every lesson in the Enduring Faith Curriculum so that students will be equipped and formed in preparation for a lifetime of growing in their Christian identity and calling. Click here to learn more about Enduring Faith

Language Arts

K-2nd : Superkids

The Superkids Reading Program captivates students from the start with tales of the Superkids. These relatable characters and their ongoing adventures provide an engaging and cohesive framework for literacy success. Superkids is a comprehensive English language arts curriculum crafted for grades K–2 using evidence-based literacy practices. This proven-effective program follows a unique systematic and explicit instructional path through engaging, increasingly complex text. Click here to learn more about Superkids

3rd-5th Grade Benchmark Advance
Benchmark’s structured literacy programs are standards-aligned and informed by the latest research into the science of reading. They feature vertically aligned units that empower students to engage deeply with a topic to build skills within and across grades. Topics are knowledge-based, expanding both general and academic vocabulary in support of reading, writing, and constructive conversation. Click for more information about Benchmark Advance


Math In Focus

Math in Focus® offers you the same authentic Singapore Math® curriculum that has propelled Singapore students to international success. It follows the pedagogical framework developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Numbers and symbols can be confusing when you don’t have a grasp of what they actually mean. Singapore Math® teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences.

Math in Focus adapts instruction to the needs of individual learners through scaffolding, the systematic sequencing of prompted content, and support to optimize learning. The ultimate goal of scaffolding is to gradually remove the supports as the learner masters the task.  Click for more information about Math In Focus


Nancy Larson Science

Nancy Larson® Science programs were created to help teachers provide challenging and meaningful science content to elementary-age children. The topics chosen for each grade level reflect children’s interests and developmental characteristics.

The Science K program focuses on the children and their interaction with the world around them. Science 1 focuses on life science and the children’s environment. As children grow older, their interests broaden. Science 2 focuses on physical science and the way things work. In Science 3, children explore the world beyond their immediate environment as they study earth and space science. 

Nancy Larson programs ensure an in-depth study of topics that help promote long-term learning and understanding of concepts. Lessons build upon one another with the understanding that different sciences are interrelated.  Click here for more information about Nancy Larson Science

Social Studies

Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly is a print publication designed to connect students to the world around them.  Highly engaging, student-centric content brings learning to life for every child.  Topics include the Earth, Seasons, Good Citizens, Presidents & Patriots, and Consumers & Producers. Colorful and fun weekly publications allow students to become excited about learning!  The publications are also take homes, so students can work right on their copy.  Students will write about what they read, perform additional research, cite sources and consider other points of view.  Click here for more information about Studies Weekly